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printable.cxx File Reference
#include "input_format.h"
#include "reader.h"
#include "ali.h"
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#define PRTLENGTH   62


static void printable_print_line (const char *id, const char *sequence, int start, int base_count, Writer &write)
void to_printable (const FormattedFile &in, const char *outf)

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#define PRTLENGTH   62

Definition at line 5 of file printable.cxx.

Referenced by printable_print_line(), and to_printable().

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static void printable_print_line ( const char id,
const char sequence,
int  start,
int  base_count,
Writer write 

Definition at line 7 of file printable.cxx.

References Writer::out(), Writer::outf(), PRTLENGTH, and str0len().

Referenced by to_printable().

void to_printable ( const FormattedFile in,
const char outf