awt_TreeAwars.hxx File Reference
#include <arbdb_base.h>
#include <cb.h>
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void AWT_initTreeAwarRegistry (GBDATA *gbmain)
void AWT_registerTreeAwarCallback (AW_awar *awar, const TreeAwarCallback &tacb, bool triggerIfTreeDataChanges)
void AWT_registerTreeAwarSimple (AW_awar *awar)
void AWT_announce_tree_renamed (const char *oldname, const char *newname)
void AWT_announce_tree_deleted (const char *name)

Function Documentation

void AWT_initTreeAwarRegistry ( GBDATA gbmain)

initialize TreeAwarRegistry.

Has to be called after ARB_init_global_awars(). Will be destroyed on GB_close().

Allows to use other functions provided by this module.

Definition at line 189 of file AWT_TreeAwars.cxx.

References awt_assert, GBK_terminate(), and get_gb_main().

Referenced by ARB_main(), and startup_mainwindow_and_dbserver().

void AWT_registerTreeAwarCallback ( AW_awar awar,
const TreeAwarCallback &  tacb,
bool  triggerIfTreeDataChanges 

bind and register TreeAwarCallback

Signature of TreeAwarCallback is 'void cb(AW_awar *awar, bool treeDataChanged, ...)' 'treeDataChanged' is true, if the callback is triggered by a change of the tree-data 'treeDataChanged' is false, if the callback is triggered by a change of the awar

if 'triggerIfTreeDataChanges' is false, the callback will not trigger if tree-data changes

Definition at line 208 of file AWT_TreeAwars.cxx.

References TreeAwarRegistry::add().

Referenced by AWT_registerTreeAwarSimple(), DI_create_matrix_variables(), and popup_new_main_window().

void AWT_registerTreeAwarSimple ( AW_awar awar)

just register a tree awar, w/o any client cb. -> awar will just automatically follow tree-renames

Definition at line 222 of file AWT_TreeAwars.cxx.

References AWT_registerTreeAwarCallback(), and null_cb().

Referenced by AP_create_pos_var_pars_window(), TreeAdmin::create_awars(), and create_trees_var().

void AWT_announce_tree_renamed ( const char oldname,
const char newname 

Definition at line 234 of file AWT_TreeAwars.cxx.

References announce_renamed().

Referenced by TreeAdmin::tree_copy_or_rename_cb().

void AWT_announce_tree_deleted ( const char name)

Definition at line 235 of file AWT_TreeAwars.cxx.

References announce_renamed(), and NO_TREE_SELECTED.

Referenced by TreeAdmin::delete_tree_cb().