AWT_misc.cxx File Reference
#include "awt_misc.hxx"
#include <arb_strarray.h>
#include <aw_root.hxx>
#include <aw_window.hxx>
#include <aw_awar.hxx>
#include <aw_advice.hxx>
#include <aw_msg.hxx>
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AW_windowAWT_create_IUPAC_info_window (AW_root *aw_root)
void AWT_insert_DBsaveType_selector (AW_window *aww, const char *awar_name)
static void warn_compression_type (AW_root *, AW_awar *awar_compression)
void AWT_insert_DBcompression_selector (AW_window *aww, const char *awar_name)
void AWT_system_cb (AW_window *, const char *command)
void AWT_console (AW_window *)
void AWT_system_in_console_cb (AW_window *, const char *command, XCMD_TYPE exectype)

Function Documentation

AW_window* AWT_create_IUPAC_info_window ( AW_root aw_root)
void AWT_insert_DBsaveType_selector ( AW_window aww,
const char awar_name 
static void warn_compression_type ( AW_root ,
AW_awar awar_compression 

Definition at line 50 of file AWT_misc.cxx.

References AW_advice(), AW_ADVICE_TOGGLE, NULp, and AW_awar::read_char_pntr().

Referenced by AWT_insert_DBcompression_selector().

void AWT_insert_DBcompression_selector ( AW_window aww,
const char awar_name 
void AWT_system_cb ( AW_window ,
const char command 
void AWT_console ( AW_window )

Definition at line 87 of file AWT_misc.cxx.

References AWT_system_cb(), GB_getenvARB_XTERM(), and GBS_global_string().

Referenced by AWT_console(), and popup_new_main_window().

void AWT_system_in_console_cb ( AW_window ,
const char command,
XCMD_TYPE  exectype 

Definition at line 90 of file AWT_misc.cxx.

References aw_message_if(), and GB_xcmd().

Referenced by AWT_system_in_console_cb(), pd_view_server_console(), and popup_new_main_window().