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readcfg.h File Reference
#include "defines.h"
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struct  S_cfgLine


typedef int(* decodeFunc )(str afterKeyword, void *varPointer)
typedef struct S_cfgLinecfgLine


int readCfg (cstr fname, struct S_cfgLine line[])
void setCfgError (cstr message)

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* decodeFunc)(str afterKeyword, void *varPointer)

Definition at line 20 of file readcfg.h.

typedef struct S_cfgLine * cfgLine

Function Documentation

int readCfg ( cstr  fname,
struct S_cfgLine  line[] 

Definition at line 29 of file readcfg.c.

References cfgReadWarning(), COMMENT, S_cfgLine::decode, error_message, MAXLEN, scanKeywords(), warning(), and warningf().

Referenced by readSimCfg().

void setCfgError ( cstr  message)

Definition at line 150 of file readcfg.c.

References error_message, and message().

Referenced by decodeFrand(), and decodeProb().