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Location.cxx File Reference
#include "Location.h"
#include <arb_stdstr.h>
#include <adGene.h>
#include <arbdb.h>
#include <cctype>
#include <string>
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class  SimpleLocation
class  JoinedLocation
class  ComplementLocation


typedef SmartPtr< LocationLocationPtr
typedef vector< LocationPtrLocationVector


 DEFINE_ITERATORS (LocationVector)
static size_t parsePosition (const string &source, char &uncertain)
static void parseLocationList (const string &source, size_t startPos, LocationVector &locvec)
static bool parseInfix (const string &str, const string &prefix, const string &postfix, string &foundInfix)
LocationPtr parseLocation (const string &source)
LocationPtr part2SimpleLocation (const GEN_position *pos, int i, bool inverseComplement)
LocationPtr to_Location (const GEN_position *gp)

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typedef vector<LocationPtr> LocationVector

Definition at line 24 of file Location.cxx.

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DEFINE_ITERATORS ( LocationVector  )
static size_t parsePosition ( const string source,
char uncertain 

Definition at line 171 of file Location.cxx.

References s, and string().

Referenced by parseLocation().

static void parseLocationList ( const string source,
size_t  startPos,
LocationVector locvec 

Definition at line 198 of file Location.cxx.

References arb_assert, GBS_global_string(), and parseLocation().

Referenced by parseLocation().

static bool parseInfix ( const string str,
const string prefix,
const string postfix,
string foundInfix 

Definition at line 228 of file Location.cxx.

References beginsWith(), and endsWith().

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LocationPtr parseLocation ( const string source)
LocationPtr part2SimpleLocation ( const GEN_position pos,
int  i,
bool  inverseComplement 
LocationPtr to_Location ( const GEN_position gp)