arb_string.cxx File Reference
#include "arb_string.h"
#include <ctime>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <Keeper.h>
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tm * get_current_time ()
const charARB_date_string ()
const charARB_dateTime_suffix ()
const charARB_keep_string (char *str)

Function Documentation

tm* get_current_time ( )

Definition at line 18 of file arb_string.cxx.

References NULp.

Referenced by ARB_date_string(), and ARB_dateTime_suffix().

const char* ARB_date_string ( void  )
const char* ARB_dateTime_suffix ( void  )


Definition at line 54 of file arb_string.cxx.

References arb_assert, buffer, and get_current_time().

Referenced by nt_create_config_after_import().

const char* ARB_keep_string ( char str)

keep an allocated string until program termination useful to avoid valgrind reporting leaks e.g for callback parameters

Definition at line 72 of file arb_string.cxx.

References Keeper< T >::keep().

Referenced by QUERY::create_query_box(), and popup_new_main_window().