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ed4_tools.hxx File Reference
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#define ED4_IUPAC_EMPTY   " "
#define IS_NUCLEOTIDE()   (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_RNA || ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_DNA)
#define IS_RNA()   (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_RNA)
#define IS_DNA()   (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_DNA)
#define IS_AMINO()   (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_AA)


void ED4_set_clipping_rectangle (AW_screen_area *rect)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ED4_IUPAC_EMPTY   " "
#define IS_NUCLEOTIDE ( )    (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_RNA || ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_DNA)

Definition at line 16 of file ed4_tools.hxx.

Referenced by SearchTree::SearchTree().

#define IS_RNA ( )    (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_RNA)

Definition at line 17 of file ed4_tools.hxx.

#define IS_DNA ( )    (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_DNA)

Definition at line 18 of file ed4_tools.hxx.

#define IS_AMINO ( )    (ED4_ROOT->alignment_type==GB_AT_AA)

Definition at line 19 of file ed4_tools.hxx.

Referenced by SearchSettings::update().

Function Documentation

void ED4_set_clipping_rectangle ( AW_screen_area rect)