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aw_file.hxx File Reference
#include "aw_base.hxx"
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enum  DirDisplay { MULTI_DIRS, ANY_DIR }


charAW_unfold_path (const char *pwd_envar, const char *path)
charAW_extract_directory (const char *path)
void AW_create_fileselection_awars (AW_root *awr, const char *awar_base, const char *directory, const char *filter, const char *file_name)
void AW_create_fileselection (AW_window *aws, const char *awar_prefix, const char *at_prefix, const char *pwd, DirDisplay disp_dirs, bool allow_wildcards)
void AW_create_standard_fileselection (AW_window *aws, const char *awar_prefix)
void AW_refresh_fileselection (AW_root *awr, const char *awar_prefix)
charAW_get_selected_fullname (AW_root *awr, const char *awar_prefix)
void AW_set_selected_fullname (AW_root *awr, const char *awar_prefix, const char *to_fullname)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum DirDisplay

Definition at line 25 of file aw_file.hxx.

Function Documentation

char* AW_unfold_path ( const char pwd_envar,
const char path 
char* AW_extract_directory ( const char path)

Definition at line 59 of file AW_file.cxx.

References NULp, and result.

Referenced by check_argument_for_mode(), and read_import_format().

void AW_create_fileselection_awars ( AW_root awr,
const char awar_base,
const char directory,
const char filter,
const char file_name 
void AW_create_fileselection ( AW_window aws,
const char awar_prefix,
const char at_prefix,
const char pwd,
DirDisplay  disp_dirs,
bool  allow_wildcards 

Create a file selection box, this box needs 3 AWARS:

  1. "$awar_prefix/filter"
  2. "$awar_prefix/directory"
  3. "$awar_prefix/file_name"

(Note: The function AW_create_fileselection_awars() can be used to create them)

the "$awar_prefix/file_name" contains the full filename Use AW_get_selected_fullname() to read it.

The items are placed at

  1. "$at_prefix""filter"
  2. "$at_prefix""box"
  3. "$at_prefix""file_name"

if disp_dirs == ANY_DIR, then show directories and files if disp_dirs == MULTI_DIRS, then only show files, but from multiple directories

pwd is the name of a 'shell environment variable' which indicates the base directory (e.g. 'PWD' or 'ARBHOME')

Definition at line 870 of file AW_file.cxx.

References File_selection::create_gui_elements(), fileselection_filename_changed_cb(), fill_fileselection_cb(), AW_window::get_root(), NULp, and selbox_install_autorefresh().

Referenced by AW_create_standard_fileselection(), AWTI_open_import_window(), create_AWTC_export_window(), create_load_box_for_selection_lists(), popup_macro_window(), and popup_ruleset_admin_window().

void AW_create_standard_fileselection ( AW_window aws,
const char awar_prefix 
void AW_refresh_fileselection ( AW_root awr,
const char awar_prefix 
char* AW_get_selected_fullname ( AW_root awr,
const char awar_prefix 
void AW_set_selected_fullname ( AW_root awr,
const char awar_prefix,
const char to_fullname