PART_FWD Namespace Reference


const TreeNodeget_origin (const PART *part)
int get_members (const PART *part)
void destroy_part (PART *part)
int calcDistance (const PART *e1, const PART *e2, const PART *t1, const PART *t2)

Function Documentation

const TreeNode * PART_FWD::get_origin ( const PART part)
int PART_FWD::get_members ( const PART part)

Definition at line 527 of file CT_part.cxx.

References PART::get_members().

void PART_FWD::destroy_part ( PART part)

Definition at line 531 of file CT_part.cxx.

int PART_FWD::calcDistance ( const PART e1,
const PART e2,
const PART t1,
const PART t2 

calculate the distance between two PARTs (see distanceTo for details). The result is the number of species that were added, removed and/or moved to the other side of the partition.

e1first PART to compare
e2second PART to compare
t1whole tree (of which e1 represents one edge)
t2whole tree (of which e2 represents one edge)

Definition at line 510 of file CT_part.cxx.

References PART::distanceTo().

Referenced by RootSynchronizer::calcEdgeDistance(), RootSynchronizer::calcTreeDistance(), RootSynchronizer::find_best_matching_PART_in(), and RootSynchronizer::find_worst_matching_PART_in().