awt_prompt.hxx File Reference
#include <cb.h>
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 DECLARE_CBTYPE_FVV_AND_BUILDERS (ResultHandler, GB_ERROR, const char *)
void AWT_activate_prompt (const char *title, const char *prompt, const char *defaultResult, const char *button, const ResultHandler &handle_result, const char *helpfile=NULp, const char *srt=NULp)

Function Documentation

const char  
void AWT_activate_prompt ( const char title,
const char prompt,
const char defaultResult,
const char button,
const ResultHandler &  handle_result,
const char helpfile = NULp,
const char srt = NULp 

pops up an text input prompter

(macro-capable replacement for aw_input)

titlewindow title
promptquestion or request shown above input field
defaultResultdefault value for input field
buttontext shown on "ENTER" button (maxlen: 7)
handle_resultcalled with entered result (even if empty)
helpfilecontext sensitive helpfile (defaults to NULp)
srtSRT command will be applied to userinput (defaults to NULp; should not be dynamic) Use e.g. to correct name-prefixes like "tree_" or "ali_"

Note that all activated prompts use the same window. Activating a second prompt (while the user did not answer the first one), will hide the first prompt.

Definition at line 62 of file AWT_prompt.cxx.

References AW_POPDOWN(), AW_REPOS_TO_MOUSE, AW_RESIZE_USER, AW_root::awar(), AWAR_PROMPT_BUTTON, AWAR_PROMPT_ERROR, AWAR_PROMPT_INPUT, AWAR_PROMPT_TEXT, AW_root::awar_string(), clear_input_cb(), PromptData::handler, PromptData::help_button, PromptData::helpfile, NULp, ok_pressed(), run_help_cb(), AW_root::set_active(), AW_awar::set_srt(), AW_root::SINGLETON, and AW_awar::write_string().

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