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awt.hxx File Reference
#include <aw_base.hxx>
#include <arbdb_base.h>
#include <cb_base.h>
#include <cxxforward.h>
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#define awt_assert(cond)   arb_assert(cond)


void AWT_create_ascii_print_window (AW_root *awr, const char *text_to_print, const char *title=NULp)
void AWT_show_file (AW_root *awr, const char *filename)
GB_ERROR AWT_initialize_input_mask (AW_root *root, GBDATA *gb_main, const awt_item_type_selector *sel, const char *mask_name, bool localMask)
const awt_input_mask_descriptor * AWT_look_input_mask (int id)
AW_rootAWT_create_root (const char *properties, const char *program, UserActionTracker *user_tracker)
void AWT_install_cb_guards ()
void AWT_install_postcb_cb (AW_postcb_cb postcb_cb)
void AWT_trigger_remote_action (UNFIXED, GBDATA *gb_main, const char *remote_action_spec)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define awt_assert (   cond)    arb_assert(cond)

Function Documentation

void AWT_create_ascii_print_window ( AW_root awr,
const char text_to_print,
const char title = NULp 
void AWT_show_file ( AW_root awr,
const char filename 

Definition at line 485 of file AWT_asciiprint.cxx.

References aw_message(), AWT_create_ascii_print_window(), GB_await_error(), and GB_read_file().

Referenced by ARB_main().

GB_ERROR AWT_initialize_input_mask ( AW_root root,
GBDATA gb_main,
const awt_item_type_selector sel,
const char mask_name,
bool  localMask 
const awt_input_mask_descriptor* AWT_look_input_mask ( int  id)
AW_root* AWT_create_root ( const char properties,
const char program,
UserActionTracker user_tracker 

Definition at line 1281 of file AWT_db_browser.cxx.

References AW_ROOT_DEFAULT, and init_Advisor().

Referenced by ARB_main().

void AWT_install_cb_guards ( )
void AWT_install_postcb_cb ( AW_postcb_cb  postcb_cb)

Definition at line 1354 of file AWT_db_browser.cxx.

References AW_cb::set_AW_postcb_cb().

Referenced by ARB_main().

void AWT_trigger_remote_action ( UNFIXED  ,
GBDATA gb_main,
const char remote_action_spec 

trigger one or several action(s) (e.g. menu entries) in remote applications

gb_maindatabase root

Definition at line 1290 of file AWT_db_browser.cxx.

References after(), aw_message_if(), CharPtrArray::empty(), error(), GBS_global_string(), GBT_remote_action_with_timeout(), GBT_split_string(), MS, NULp, and CharPtrArray::size().

Referenced by ED4_root::generate_window(), modes_cb(), and PARS_infomode_cb().