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typedef void(* awt_orderfun )(AW_window *aww, awt_reorder_mode pos, AW_CL cl_user)
typedef void(* awt_collectfun )(AW_window *aww, awt_collect_mode what, AW_CL cl_user)


void awt_create_order_buttons (AW_window *aws, awt_orderfun reorder_cb, AW_CL cl_user)
void awt_create_collect_buttons (AW_window *aws, bool collect_rightwards, awt_collectfun collect_cb, AW_CL cl_user)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* UNTYPED::awt_orderfun)(AW_window *aww, awt_reorder_mode pos, AW_CL cl_user)

Definition at line 37 of file awt_modules.hxx.

typedef void(* UNTYPED::awt_collectfun)(AW_window *aww, awt_collect_mode what, AW_CL cl_user)

Definition at line 38 of file awt_modules.hxx.

Function Documentation

void UNTYPED::awt_create_order_buttons ( AW_window aws,
awt_orderfun  reorder_cb,
AW_CL  cl_user 
void UNTYPED::awt_create_collect_buttons ( AW_window aws,
bool  collect_rightwards,
awt_collectfun  collect_cb,
AW_CL  cl_user