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arb_match.cxx File Reference
#include "arb_match.h"
#include "arb_msg.h"
#include "arb_string.h"
#include "arb_strbuf.h"
#include <regex.h>
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struct  GBS_regex


chargive_buffer (size_t size)
GBS_regexGBS_compile_regexpr (const char *regexpr, GB_CASE case_flag, GB_ERROR *error)
void GBS_free_regexpr (GBS_regex *toFree)
const charGBS_unwrap_regexpr (const char *regexpr_in_slashes, GB_CASE *case_flag, GB_ERROR *error)
const charGBS_regmatch_compiled (const char *str, GBS_regex *comreg, size_t *matchlen)
const charGBS_regmatch (const char *str, const char *regExpr, size_t *matchlen, GB_ERROR *error)
charGBS_regreplace (const char *str, const char *regReplExpr, GB_ERROR *error)

Function Documentation

char* give_buffer ( size_t  size)

Definition at line 28 of file arb_match.cxx.

References NULp.

Referenced by GBS_compile_regexpr().

GBS_regex* GBS_compile_regexpr ( const char regexpr,
GB_CASE  case_flag,
GB_ERROR error 

Definition at line 40 of file arb_match.cxx.

References GBS_regex::compiled, GB_IGNORE_CASE, give_buffer(), and NULp.

Referenced by GBS_compile_matcher(), GBS_regmatch(), and GBS_regreplace().

void GBS_free_regexpr ( GBS_regex toFree)
const char* GBS_unwrap_regexpr ( const char regexpr_in_slashes,
GB_CASE case_flag,
GB_ERROR error 
const char* GBS_regmatch_compiled ( const char str,
GBS_regex comreg,
size_t matchlen 

Definition at line 120 of file arb_match.cxx.

References GBS_regex::compiled, and NULp.

Referenced by GBS_regmatch(), and GBS_string_matches_regexp().

const char* GBS_regmatch ( const char str,
const char regExpr,
size_t matchlen,
GB_ERROR error 
char* GBS_regreplace ( const char str,
const char regReplExpr,
GB_ERROR error