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i-hopper.h File Reference
#include "defs.h"
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#define EXT


void Align (int nX, char X[], int secX[], char **XX, int nY, char Y[], int secY[], char **YY, int freqs, double fT, double fC, double fA, double fG, double rTC, double rTA, double rTG, double rCA, double rCG, double rAG, double dist, double supp, double gapA, double gapB, double gapC, double thres)


EXT const charError

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EXT

Definition at line 17 of file i-hopper.h.

Function Documentation

void Align ( int  nX,
char  X[],
int  secX[],
char **  XX,
int  nY,
char  Y[],
int  secY[],
char **  YY,
int  freqs,
double  fT,
double  fC,
double  fA,
double  fG,
double  rTC,
double  rTA,
double  rTG,
double  rCA,
double  rCG,
double  rAG,
double  dist,
double  supp,
double  gapA,
double  gapB,
double  gapC,
double  thres 

Variable Documentation

EXT const char* Error

Definition at line 22 of file i-hopper.h.