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gb_aci.cxx File Reference
#include "gb_aci.h"
#include "gb_aci_impl.h"
#include <arb_strbuf.h>
#include <arb_match.h>
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#define MAX_PRINT_LEN   200


static const charGBL_IMPL::search_matching_dquote (const char *str)
charGBL_IMPL::search_matching_dquote (char *str)
const charGBL_IMPL::search_matching_parenthesis (const char *source)
static const charGBL_IMPL::search_next_separator (const char *source, const char *seps)
charGBL_IMPL::search_next_separator (char *source, const char *seps)
static void dumpStreams (const char *name, const GBL_streams &streams)
static const charshortenLongString (const char *str, size_t wanted_len)
static charapply_ACI (const char *str, const char *commands, const GBL_call_env &callEnv)
NOT4PERL charGB_command_interpreter_in_env (const char *str, const char *commands, const GBL_call_env &callEnv)
charGB_command_interpreter (const char *str, const char *commands, GBDATA *gb_main)

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#define MAX_PRINT_LEN   200

Referenced by apply_ACI().

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static void dumpStreams ( const char name,
const GBL_streams streams 
static const char* shortenLongString ( const char str,
size_t  wanted_len 

Definition at line 132 of file gb_aci.cxx.

References ARB_strpartdup(), gb_assert, and result.

Referenced by apply_ACI().

static char* apply_ACI ( const char str,
const char commands,
const GBL_call_env callEnv 
NOT4PERL char* GB_command_interpreter_in_env ( const char str,
const char commands,
const GBL_call_env callEnv 
char* GB_command_interpreter ( const char str,
const char commands,
GBDATA gb_main 
See also
GB_command_interpreter_in_env - this flavor runs in dummy environment

Definition at line 453 of file gb_aci.cxx.

References GB_command_interpreter_in_env(), and NULp.

Referenced by jobLabel().