adTest.cxx File Reference
#include "gb_key.h"
#include <arb_misc.h>
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const charGB_get_db_path (GBDATA *gbd)
void GB_dump_db_path (GBDATA *gbd)
static void dump_internal (GBDATA *gbd, int *lines_allowed)
NOT4PERL void GB_dump (GBDATA *gbd)
NOT4PERL void GB_dump_no_limit (GBDATA *gbd)
static GB_ERROR gb_fix_recursive (GBDATA *gbd)
GB_ERROR GB_fix_database (GBDATA *gb_main)

Function Documentation

const char* GB_get_db_path ( GBDATA gbd)
void GB_dump_db_path ( GBDATA gbd)

Definition at line 27 of file adTest.cxx.

References GB_get_db_path(), and GB_get_type_name().

Referenced by gb_fix_recursive(), and scanGbdByKey().

static void dump_internal ( GBDATA gbd,
int lines_allowed 
NOT4PERL void GB_dump ( GBDATA gbd)

Definition at line 187 of file adTest.cxx.

References dump_internal().

NOT4PERL void GB_dump_no_limit ( GBDATA gbd)

Definition at line 196 of file adTest.cxx.

References dump_internal(), and NULp.

static GB_ERROR gb_fix_recursive ( GBDATA gbd)
GB_ERROR GB_fix_database ( GBDATA gb_main)

Definition at line 237 of file adTest.cxx.

References GB_begin_transaction(), GB_end_transaction(), and gb_fix_recursive().