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aw_xfont.hxx File Reference
#include "aw_def.hxx"
#include "aw_common_xm.hxx"
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struct  xfont
struct  _fstruct
struct  _xfstruct


const charAW_get_font_specification (AW_font font_nr, bool &found)
const charAW_get_font_shortname (AW_font font_nr)
int AW_font_2_xfig (AW_font font_nr)

Function Documentation

const char* AW_get_font_specification ( AW_font  font_nr,
bool &  found 
const char* AW_get_font_shortname ( AW_font  font_nr)

Definition at line 719 of file AW_xfont.cxx.

References aw_assert, AW_NUM_FONTS, and _xfstruct::description.

Referenced by AW_gc_manager::update_gc_font().

int AW_font_2_xfig ( AW_font  font_nr)

converts fontnr to xfigid

Definition at line 724 of file AW_xfont.cxx.

References AW_NUM_FONTS, and _fstruct::xfontnum.

Referenced by check_ps_fontinfo_valid(), and font_has_fixed_width().