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1 /* This file is generated by aisc_mkpt.
2  * Any changes you make here will be overwritten later!
3  */
5 #ifndef ARB_FILE_H
6 #define ARB_FILE_H
8 /* define ARB attributes: */
9 #ifndef ATTRIBUTES_H
10 # include <attributes.h>
11 #endif
14 /* arb_file.cxx */
16 #ifndef ARB_CORE_H
17 #include "arb_core.h"
18 #endif
20 long GB_size_of_file(const char *path);
21 long GB_size_of_FILE(FILE *in);
22 unsigned long GB_time_of_file(const char *path);
23 GB_ERROR GB_set_time_of_file(const char *path, unsigned long new_time);
24 long GB_mode_of_file(const char *path);
25 long GB_mode_of_link(const char *path);
26 bool GB_is_regularfile(const char *path);
27 bool GB_is_link(const char *path);
28 bool GB_is_fifo(const char *path);
29 bool GB_is_fifo(FILE *fp);
30 bool GB_is_executablefile(const char *path);
31 bool GB_is_privatefile(const char *path, bool read_private);
32 bool GB_is_writeablefile(const char *filename);
33 bool GB_is_readablefile(const char *filename);
34 bool GB_is_directory(const char *path);
35 long GB_getuid_of_file(const char *path);
36 int GB_unlink(const char *path);
37 void GB_unlink_or_warn(const char *path, GB_ERROR *error);
38 GB_ERROR GB_symlink(const char *target, const char *link);
39 GB_ERROR GB_set_mode_of_file(const char *path, long mode);
40 char *GB_follow_unix_link(const char *path);
41 GB_ERROR GB_move_file(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath);
42 GB_ERROR GB_copy_file(const char *srcpath, const char *dstpath);
43 GB_ERROR GB_safe_rename_file(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath);
44 GB_ERROR GB_safe_copy_file(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath);
46 #else
47 #error arb_file.h included twice
48 #endif /* ARB_FILE_H */
const char * GB_ERROR
Definition: arb_core.h:25
GB_ERROR GB_symlink(const char *target, const char *link)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:221
GB_ERROR GB_safe_copy_file(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:342
long GB_mode_of_file(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:60
void GB_unlink_or_warn(const char *path, GB_ERROR *error)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:206
char * GB_follow_unix_link(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:262
long GB_getuid_of_file(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:182
bool GB_is_executablefile(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:101
GB_ERROR GB_set_mode_of_file(const char *path, long mode)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:231
long GB_size_of_FILE(FILE *in)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:34
long GB_size_of_file(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:28
bool GB_is_regularfile(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:76
static void error(const char *msg)
Definition: mkptypes.cxx:96
GB_ERROR GB_safe_rename_file(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:332
bool GB_is_fifo(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:89
GB_ERROR GB_move_file(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:284
bool GB_is_writeablefile(const char *filename)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:148
unsigned long GB_time_of_file(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:44
long GB_mode_of_link(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:68
int GB_unlink(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:188
aisc_com * link
GB_ERROR GB_copy_file(const char *srcpath, const char *dstpath)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:302
GB_ERROR GB_set_time_of_file(const char *path, unsigned long new_time)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:50
bool GB_is_privatefile(const char *path, bool read_private)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:124
bool GB_is_readablefile(const char *filename)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:172
bool GB_is_directory(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:176
bool GB_is_link(const char *path)
Definition: arb_file.cxx:83